Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Exxon is doing pretty good

Well, congrats to you folks at Exxon Mobile. Whew, that was a close one. Imagine having to pay for all the mess you created? That would have sucked. Luckily, most wildlife migrates so what was killed will most likely have been replaced by new flocks, schools, and herds.
Luckily, the locals were making pretty good money in the fishing industry before it was absolutely destroyed by your drunken captain on his single-hulled piece-of-crap Exxon Valdez.
And great job U.S. Supreme Court Justices. I understand that one justice had to abstain from the decision being that he is a current stock holder in Exxon Mobile. By the way, not a bad stock to have eh? Somehow I feel that each and everyone of you have now become shareholders as well.
Oh, and Exxon. I know money has been freak'in tight lately with the economy and all. Where in the hell did the Alaskans expect you to come up with 2.5 billion dollars? Like that stuff grows on trees (by the way, where do you keep this forest of trees?)Well, now you only have to pay $500,000 (actually it is $500,000,000 but I am blogging ahead of the next Court's decision). That should restart the decimated fishing industry, revitalize the communities that your spill crumbled, bring back the millions of sea, air, and land wildlife that suffocated in your oil slick. Hell, the Alaskans should be paying you back for all that oil they tediously labored over to clean off their shorelines. They stole that didn't they? I am sure Uncle Sam has got your back. They always seem too don't they?
Now, I have not read the case from this but plan to download it and brief it. From what I gathered though the Justices did not remand this case based on the question be asked? Perhaps the Plaintiffs did not clarify the true financial loss due to this spill? Regardless, the Supreme Court felt that 5 billion was too much, reduced it in a past review, and the reduced it again today. Absurd. Well, good lawyers can buy you good results. Another reason why I continue to Not Buy any fuel from Exxon Mobile nor will I ever. May Karma be right behind your unethical and un-human asses. Your greed will be your ultimate takedown. Enjoy the ride.