Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Holiday week

We here in Winona have just finished celebrating our annual "days" events with Steamboat Days. While the only Steamboat here is fake and is to be demolished in the next couple weeks we still get the occassional actual-functioning steamboat with the American, Mississippi, and Delta queen, and the Julia Belle Swain.
Carnival rides, games, odd events, and beer tents. Yep, we have all that downhome fun. I skipped it all. However, I did sit outside and watch the fireworks. I enjoy coming up with names for the such as a "Sideshow Bob" with the big orange flowery appearance or the ones that just explode loud. Those are called, "Gett'in right to the point." Or, my neighbor who blew his thumb off prior to the show. Kid-you-not. I heard the explosion, it sounded odd, it was followed by sirens, etc.
We also do our annual 100 mile road night ride. We take off out of Rushford on the trail system to Houston, hit the roads for 50 miles to Harmony, and then back on the trails through Lansboro and back to Rushford. Good fun, easy pace, lots of Racoons.

The parade rolls right by my place so why not partake. Again, the South Shore Drill Team out of Chicago cleaned house. They placed them at the end of the parade to keep people around. Plus, the wake up everyone who fell asleep through the rest of the parade. It rained, it was a bummer, but they kept at it.

Pimp but no fun to true I am sure.

Without further delay, I present to you the current status of the bruised hip. Lost your breakfast yet?

Off to Louisville, KY on Saturday for the Masters TT. I feel good but fatigued to I am staying off the bike for the most part until then. I don't race until Monday so I will have time to check the course out and settle in. The bad right leg is running at about 85% compared to the 70% just a few days ago so it is coming along. This will still be a left-leg affair because I still won't be fully healed up for the events. Bad timing? Sure but what do you do? Adjust and deal with it. I know I can win it and sometimes that is all you need to have.
Big congrats to our new cycling sponsors in Garmin and Columbia! Welcome and thank-you. Nice to see someone step-up. It brightens the light in our sport for sure. Ciao -Ian

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