Monday, June 09, 2008

It is getting closer

A lot of things are getting closer. The Minnesota State TT was this past Saturday and I felt like poo. Still, I managed to pull my third straight victory off but not without some push from the New Kids on the Block. Lance Niles (Brone's BBS) put in a screamer, another new Mpls rider took up third best time as a cat. 4/5 (I forgot his name right now but I am sure I will know it soon it enough), and the tried-and-trued Dan Casper took third in the cat. 1/2. Jens and Greg battled it out for 4th and 5th, with Jens getting Greg by 2.4 seconds. Well, Second is getting used to it. Theresa once again, and as always, crushed the women's race with Kristy taking second after missing her start. Tak'in an old move from my playbook. Well, you are not a good time trialist until you miss a start.....or two. Big thanks to the guys and gals at Hed Cycling for putting me on some speedy equipment, and Grandstay for giving me a place to sleep for the early morning start.
I live in Winona and we have to paddle to get to Wisconsin. Our bridge has been silenced by MDOT and it doesn't look good that it will ever re-open.

Since they were pounding hammers right through rusted gusset plates I can assume she is done. I say we should bring in a B-1 Bomber, nail it with a laser-guided bomb, call it our 4th of July fireworks, declare it an Act of War, and rebuild it. It seems to work for the 220+ bridges you and I have paid for to replace in Iraq over the past 12 years. Seems a bit backwards, but then again I am not a politician nor ever wish to be one.
Night off should be dedicated to working on bikes but the mighty game of Poker comes into play once in awhile. Again, these guys deal me such bad hands that to bluff them makes me feel stupid. They are so bad you can't bluff on them because as soon as they are dealt you just laugh.

My chip pile is low but I am still in the game. Rare.
My niece has her 2nd birthday after the TT on Saturday. I went from energy drinks to cake and Peroni's. Apparently she likes cake too. Man, she really got into it too. Eventually, the sugar spike caught up to her and led to the feared and deared sugar crash.

Nature Valley is next up. Weather? Bring the grippers. The Minnesota crew is looking good with the Swansons, The Dawg, Cole, Greg, Patty Cakes, Marcotte, Doig, Zimmerman, Woell, Jake, Bergman, and myself. That is it. That is all of us I think. Well, best-of-luck to all of them and let's see a key result from anyone of them.
Off for an easy ride of spinning and moving turtles off the road. Ciao -Ian

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