Sunday, June 15, 2008

Over and Out

Well, the crash onto Nicollet at the Minneapolis crit. definitely caught me good and left me with some severe bruising on the upper hamstring, glutes, and lower back. That dark blue/purple kind. The road rash is fine though.
Coming into Mankato the morning after I knew I was in trouble. No sleep and weakness in the leg. I noticed that morning that when I would lift my right leg it would shake. Always the tell-tale sign of an injured muscle or muscles. I had told my step-dad after the Minneapolis crit. that these crash injuries may become a problem. Still, I got on the line because I had no idea until I tested it.
The day before Mankato I had just finished up gluing a new tubular up. Well, it went flat on the roll-out. Funny thing was that Shimano Neutral was on the front of the pack, and at the very rear. So, I kept riding until the back Shimano was done fixing some other flats. Awesome change by those guys. I worked my way back through the cars and got on. We crested the hill and were a few miles into racing when my rear blew again. I pulled over and got another incredible change from Shimano. Again, I chased through the cars and got on. Just as I got on we hit a crosswinds section and I got blown off. By now I noticed some pain in my right lower back, hamsting, and calf. Within a few miles it was literally unbearable. I chased back through the cars again and got back on. Power felt great and the crosswinds were fine for me. (Remember, we have been training in wind all year). But, I just could not drive any power into my right leg. I let my right leg up for awhile and just used my left leg but that can work for only so long. I knew that it was probably best to drop back and get out of the race. Even if I had made it through I would not be starting Stillwater. I need to heal up before the Master's Nats in a couple weeks.
I got into the shower last night and almost freaked at the amount of bruising on the back of my body. The call is already into to the massage guru.
Kind of a bummer because I don't plan to race this race ever again. I had plans for the Mankato stage much like last year but the cards I was dealt were some pretty bad ones. Much like the poker hands I get from my work party poker games. In the end, that is bike racing. This year was broken wheels, flats, blown tubulars, road rash, bruised, cuts, etc. I came to this race with good power and fitness but it never got used to the full potential. The plan was to train a hard week after the NVGP then rest until Nats. However, it looks like I will be resting now to heal up. Racing on the injuries yesterday only worsened them and now my right calf muscle is completely blown.
The crash? Seven laps to go and some guy clips the pylon on the inside of turn three. We had been around that freak'in turn 32 times already so how this DS pulled that off is beyond me. Funny thing was that a few laps prior to the crash I noticed that pylon sitting out a bit far. Premonition? Nope. Just something to note and avoid. Apparently the rider in front of me did not take note. Five or so guys went down in front of me and I got into the BMX skid. However, I got bowled from behind and fell backwards onto my ass, back and elbows. Some fine whiplash to make my neck hurt like hell still today. Since everything hurt I was fine to get back for the 'free lap' and get going again. I have only crashed twice in that race and they both have happened exactly in the same spot. Hmmmm.
Well, best of luck to those still in. Marcotte, Brandt, Cole, Zimmerman, Doig, Bergman, and the Mean Dawg! I will be there rooting you guys on. Ciao -Ian

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