Thursday, June 12, 2008

Thank god this drought is over. Day 1

Well, it rained again yesterday and it was also Stage 1 of the NVGP downtown St. Paul. Last year it was hot and humid, this year it was cool and extra humid. Promoters took the word of team managers and reversed the course to make it safer in the rain, but in the end a ref. went down on one of the moto's and the riders had had enough. This isn't a demolition derby, and it is a stage race. The riders rode good for the most part. I finally got gapped after a rider went down in front of me. I had nowhere to go but to his right but that was the way he was sliding too. I locked it up and did one of my old, childhood re-lived, BMX slides. I stayed up but had to get restarted. Not an easy task when this field does not let up.
Note: When the course is slippery and wet please lower your tire pressure. I thought that was a given but some teams forgot. I was running Hed Ardennes at 75lbs with Schwalbe Stelvio tires. Great rain grippers. I had a few slips on the rear wheel but nothing to concerning. Personally, I love racing in those conditions and was bummed it was stopped. I agree with the nuetralization but I wish a restart could have been fairly figured out. But, with the moto down the course was not safe until cleared.
The rest of the Grandstay riders stayed upright. Flanders had one down (the rider that held me up) but he is all good to go. GP seems to be fine, and Bergman seemed it good spirits at the end. So, all good for the Minnesotans. My kit is literally destroyed from the oil and grime from last night.
Thanks to all who worked their asses off putting up this stage, dealing with it, and then tearing it down. In the end the prize money should be rewarded to the volunteers of races, not the racers. Speaking of prize money, last nights went to the Children's Hospital.
Today is Cannon Falls and it is always hard and fast. Of course I am waiting for the Time trial. While I know I can't win at that distance I am still looking for a quick ride. Dougo should stomp it out though. Time for a nap soon. More coffee first. I am staying at the Grandstay in Apple Valley. Nice digs.
I am watching T.V and surfing the internet. Moron Awards go to the Hogan Family and Tommy Boonen. Ciao -Ian

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