Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Time to heal

Well, now that the NVGP Fiasco is behind us I can start to heal up my wounds. I finally dragged myself to an actual Physical Therapist in La Crosse to take a closer look at the wounds. While the roadrash is bearable and small, the shock of impact on some other things had less-than-desired consequences. I have essentially crushed my I.T band which is the main issue in the injury. The muscles will heal but that sucker....
If you did not see the results in Stillwater then you also didn't get to see Kristen Armstrong literally destroy the women's field, and all with a smile on her face.

I tried to get a picture of her taking the stage win but some Hollywood guys got in the way with that damned banner.

Mean Dawg held in there strong all the way through the end. Tried and trued, he finished the thing. Funny thing is that they had him as a DNF for Stillwater. He was in there over 30 minutes when you only needed to put in 15 minutes. Ah, the USCF.

Eric and Greg stayed until the end too but like so many before them the Health Net train frazzled them too. One had to see the Health Net train in action to understand what was going on. It was their race and everyone else had to hang on for dear life.

Zirbel, still on the mend, stayed to the end too. Thankfully avoiding any crashes while trying to heal old crash wounds. The Bissell Team looked great from start to finish. Probably the most well-rounded team at the event.

Tonight I am doing a 100 mile night loop on the Rushford/Lansboro/whatever trails. I know, I know, "you're injured." Well, luckily it will be a good spinning pace and there are plenty of "bail-out" options to get back to the start should things go bad. I need to spin to keep things from getting too tight (and that comes from some sound advice as well). Blood flow heals. So, I am charging the lights and Mean Dawg gave me this sweet Jagermeister rear blinky light so no one will hit me from the rear. Man, rednecks stop for Jager.
I scored a 1 1/2 hour deep tissue massage yesterday. Apparently, the right side of my body is heavily polluted and tight. She worked on the injured I.T band and my right calf. I started dropping my pedal stroke to compensate for the hip injury which then in-turn flared the calf muscle. Sweet.
Here is to hoping a quick and restful recovery to Master's teammate, Charlie Jacobs. He got caught in a crash at the 2/3 crit. in Stillwater in the feared final turn. A broken collarbone is a badge of years of riding. However, wearing Figure 8's and slings is about as bad as 11 weeks in a straight jacket. You'll be fine and back on a trainer in a couple weeks. Just don't eat until then. Ha.
Big thanks to the entire cheering section over the Nature Valley week. I really appreciate the support on and off the bike. Thanks to my teammates, Mean Dawg, Dougo, and Danno for keeping as fun as always with that crew. Big thanks to Matt Williams and Grandstay Residential Suites for their support of being able to attend these events and the sweet sleeping arrangement. Bike rac'in ain't cheap. Ciao -Ian

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