Thursday, June 05, 2008

Train? who has time for that?

Apparently I don't have the time. I swear, I have more crap come up than anyone I know. Work-related, weather related or some other issue I can't turn my back on. Since Duluth I have had little time on the bike. Last weekend I hit the mountain bike a bit too hard and detroyed the medial side of my left knee. Tuesday Crit hurt like crap and nothing has really improved with it. Great for the coming State TT and NVGP. Timing folks, it is all timing. But, I will be dressed to go out the door and I get a call that something at work has got to get done. Come on man!
In the meantime I have been keeping the cats Hazed and Infused.

It is all about bike fits from The Men. Steve Hed and Dino. Now Brone is faster.

Hey Minneapolis, are bridge is falling down. MDOT and the bridge inspector came down to ultrasound our piece-of-crap Interstate bridge. Well, at 7pm they found something and 8pm is was in lockdown. This poor Trooper has been getting some flak from the P.O ed Wisconsinites and Minnesotans who cross daily for more beer and strip bars. Anyway, the gusset plates are corroded and it looks like our bridge is going to be shutdown for some time. 15000 cars a day and 2800 workers for Winona get to take a normal 2-mile drive and turn it into 70 miles.

However, they let people walk and bike across it yesterday morning. No one was stopping anyone and the signs were not up-to-speed yet on the Wisconsin side yet. So, my dad went across, like many others, only to find that they wouldn't let him back. A bike can't go across but 15 contruction and inspector vehicles can sit on it? But, it is a "damned if you do, damned if you don't" situation. If you close it people are ticked off, if it falls into the river people may be a bit more ticked off. In the meantime they are working on a ferry to carry people across. They will have to come up with something for sure. a lot of people, both high and low, in tough positions.

Well, defending the State TT with an injured knee and no training should be fun. Mind over matter. Nature Valley will be Nature Valley where many run on the super juice. All you can do is hang on and take advantage of the rare situations that present themselves. Recent Tulsa Tough? 5-Toyota riders take the top 5 spots in a crit and don't sweat it? Come on folks, even I am not that stupid. It is going to have to end man.
Rain all week next week? Oh ya, must be Nature Valley time. At least I can say I rode Minneapolis under dry conditions once. Once! Ciao -Ian


Sean Noonan said...


Mad props for your ride in Dulut and good luck at Nature Valley.

I recently posted on the message boards to start a prize money discussion. As someone who has well thought out opinions about bike racing, I'm curious to hear your input.


Jim Behrens said...

The bridge story is great. Bureaucrats, 'ya gotta love 'em!
Good luck in the tt with out any training. If I were to try that, someone might as well shoot me. It would hurt less.