Thursday, July 17, 2008

Keep em' coming

Well, Ricco...........that one doesn't seem to surprise me at all. Now he can have all the press he can handle. CERA. Knew it had to become detectable eventually.
I hate allergies. I swear, I want to rip my face off. I was so messed up at work last night I had to leave early.
We got a new judge in Winona. Nancy Bostrack. I bring this up because I think courtroom environments are interesting, and the key to any well run court is a damn good judge. She was a great prosecutor so I think she was clearly the absolute best choice for the judge's chair. She is replacing Marget Shaw Johnson who was a great judge in her own time. Congrats to Nancy! and count yourselves lucky Winona.
I am getting killed in my fantasy cycling league. Where are my escape artists? Damn guys. Well, at least I didn't pick Ricco even though I thought about it. I thought Cavedish was going to let me down after his crash but he shined again. Too bad I went with my first instinct and didn't start him today. Dammit.
I have been testing out my new mountain bike wheelset. Holy crap! All I can say is thanks to Dino, Andy, and everyone at Hed for getting these bad boys together. I think Pellis has got a pair too. Anyway, I am heading up to Cable to give them a test run at the end of the month.
I am pretty sure I will never win the Saab "Spin to Win" contest yet I keep spinning. Ciao -Ian


Eric O. said...

what are you running for tires? tubes or tubeless? We never weighed them, did you?

Ian Stanford said...

The spokes are a bit heavy. The combination of the sweet hubs and the lightweight rims is nice. The have a braking surface on them even though I am running disc brakes. So, a specific Ardennes MTB could we a workable possibility in the future to cut more weight. These are just the first step for what could be a bigger market for HED.