Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Le Tour of "they just don't get it do they?"

Well, we saw Beltran fall and now Barloworld get a rider with a positive EPO test. For once, I thought, the Tour was going to as true as possible. Hell, even Versus keeps on the hush hush about the busts. That is good since cycling normally equivalates to drug use. Still the major networks are reporting it as what is really is. Great for the current sponsors, super great for the new sponsors, and absolutley wonderful for potential sponsors. However, I wish the major networks would also report that this is happening because we do something other sports don't quite do......we test.....and we sanction. Maybe that is why it looks so prevelant. Who knows? Dopers suck and you are fucking up our sport. Good job guys, something to be proud of huh? Please, blast yourself with some more EPO, get that blood thinned out nicely, and have heart failure. You would be doing more than yourself a favor. On to more happier Tour stuff......
Damn Giant! What is up with this TT bike. Overmann, I will be calling you on this one. Seems like that head tube looks to be shaped like an aero Bontrager fits.......wind tunnels.......damn, he even told me in so many words. Now, can you put water in that headtube? Consider that my patent pending.

Skipping the winds of Marty and the raspberries of Hopkins, I headed to the family cabin for a good part of the weekend to chill and do that family talk thing. Sunday I bolted down to the Stanley TT and the nice calm 25mph winds out of the west. I went with a Stinger 50 front and a rear tri-spoke. An hour before the TT that may have been the fast combo in the crosswinds but the wind changed on my start. Instead I got a crosswind push out and a crosswind head on the way back. Stinger 50 was probably right but the disc should have been put into action. Lance Niles from Brones Bike Shop showed up so I knew it would be a close one. 9 seconds close but I still snuck out the win in the wind. 100 meters from the finish a gust of wind hit me so hard my front wheel skipped over about 6 inches. I thought I was doomed, stopped pedalling, and waited to see the end result. Stayed up and finished.
Still hunting airfare for Cali. By the looks of the inflation rate, COGS, political tension worldwide, and fuel prices jumping to another record high I should probably start walking westward.
The last two weeks have been a lot of hard riding. I am pretty worn but I still have another 8 days to go before the downtime leading to TT Nats. Yesterday was quite warm and I haven't sweated like that in years. In the end I couldn't sleep last night at all. Why? Allergies. The warmth triggered something in the air yesterday. Now I am all itchy, my eyes burn, and I am congested. Lovely. If there is one thing that happens from years of intense inhalation it is the wonderful acquisitions of allergies. I call them "Sports Induced Allergies." Unfortunately, you just have to deal with them. I nearly jumped into the shower at 3am just for some relief.
Well, back at it again. Tour of Granite City, County, Country? this weekend. Looks fun. Ciao -Ian