Monday, July 28, 2008

Nats again and State snafu

Well, with all the attacks and all the chases, we failed to pull off the Minnesota State Crit. Instead, 2nd and 3rd would have to do. Hanna won the race, but my hats off to Paul Ellis for being the super domestique of the day. Paul won that race for Hanna, and Paul beat us fair and square. Our team may have done some questionable tactics but in the end it gives us something to talk about and review. The fact that we have the capability of sitting down after a race to analysis it is a very good tool to have.
I went onto the attack with 5 laps to go. It was more by accident. I went hard up the hill and then had no one with me so I kept going. I knew 5 laps was going to be tough and it proved right. Doug blew by me with two to go and I had nothing. That humid warm nasty air was shutting me down. Doug went too early too but the opportunity had presented itself to him and he took it. Why not? He was caught in the last lap and we just couldn't get enough guys back up. I made one last surge in the bottom and could have had a top 5 but watching the finish go down caused me to simply sit up. In the end I am making sure I am racing bikes now for the same reason I even started. That is because it is fun and I love the sport. Is that why you do it or was that the reason a long long time ago? I always stop and make sure I remember. My own little "self check." It is a beautiful sport.
I am going to Elite TT Nats. That opportunity presented itself last night with thanks to some serious un-named generosity. Today is last-second running around trying to get hotels somewhat near the race yet near LAX. Tough going but Motel 6 or something will have to do. Flight doesn't arrive until 9:10 pm on the 4th but that gives me the 5th to pick-up my bike, build it, and pre-ride the course. Race the 6th, tear down bike, and fly out on the 7th. Very, very hectic so choregraphy on paper is the key. Tonight it is a Google Earth study of the course, getting a Trek Madone box to fit the TT bike and all the wheel jazz, and finding a place to ship it to. I think Fed Ex will ship from one shipper to the next otherwise I am hunting down a relative who I believe lives in Orange or Huntington Beach. It is unfortunate that LAX is so far from the race. I tried to use my Holiday Inn discounts but they are literally all full. Nothing beats last second travel plans. Anyone know anyone in California who can help me out or might have a fluid trainer I can borrow? Anyway, the course is 35K. Ideal for me. Now, I can take two wheels out there, which ones? I would hate to cut my tubular on the disc right before the race itself. I need to order a spare today!
The Tour is over and my fantasy team got destroyed. Oh well, there is always next year. I see Saunier Duval/ Scott is now Scott/ American Beef. The funny thing about the American Beef sponsor is that they are based out of Chihuahua Mexico....? that is American.
We have a group of 15 riders coming across America staying in Winona Wednesday night. Somehow I have been suckered to wrench on their South Dakotan grimmed bikes. Seriously, bike coming off of cross-country tours are always a mess. But hey, I am donating my time to their causes. No worries.
Time to make some coffee. Ciao -Ian

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