Friday, July 11, 2008

We have a winner

If you attended the Northfield Crit. last weekend then you no doubt heard Hollywood announcing the race. Dave Towle better watch out because there is a new kick-ass announcer in the ranks. Great job Hollywood! See, bike races can be fun for all.

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The American teams, Columbia and Garmin/Chipotle, are kicking ass at the Tour. I remember racing against Will when I lived in Boulder. All I can recall is him complaining about the crosswinds and dropping out. Well, since then he has been laying low in Europe and ripping it up at the Tour. Vandevelde is my man for this race. I freaked on his attack yesterday. He will have great legs in the mountains.
Columbia, nicely affiliated with our local Hed wheels, is owning this race. Experience pays and developing the young guns at the same time pays as well. I still mauling over that crazy-ass Giant TT bike Hincapie was on. I think Giant is coming back to the industry next year with some serious technology.

Well, I found a Dura Ace 175 crankset without having to place in the EP form. Jens Brabbit conveniently had one and was ironically looking for a 172.5 set. Even swap. That left me with a Dremel in one hand and my Scott Addict on the other to give her another seatpost adjustment. I am going to give myself a week to refit into that bike, keep training for Elite Nats (please airlines, come down on the $$$), and hit the family cabin this weekend for some family time R&R....and I will sneak over to the Stanley TT on Sunday. If elite Nats falls through then it is off to Tour of KC....or not. I have a wedding to go to on that Saturday. Since one friend has already bailed on the wedding and the bride is not happy, I guess it would be the right thing to do and go to the wedding. Either way it is a good time.
THe old NVGP injury is still nagging me and it is time to get it looked at again. I simply can't sleep on the right side of my body because I have a very serious sharp pain in my right hip. I think it is still the crushed IT band-in-healing but I need to be sure. Of course, changing crankarm lengths mid-season does no immediate good and I have strained the back of my right knee but that stuff leaves quickly.
Next good racing for me will be the Tour of Granite City. We will have the entire team back together which is always fun to be a part of.

I wonder if the Europeans are wondering what "Chipotle" is. Don't worry, you will know soon enough. I am sure the big cities already have been established.
Another bad fall, this time Ben Brooks from Team Type 1. This is the year for them. Best wishes and recovery to Ben and his family! Ciao -Ian

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