Sunday, July 06, 2008

What a week! I am weak.

Well, 4th place was not what I had in mind at Master's Nats. If I don't tell the story you will never understand. First, My 30 second man (Scottie Weiss-aka "fast guy") never showed up to the line. No worries though. I race in my speed. Second, about two miles in I see a squirrel run out in the road. It see's me, turns to run back, and is rundown by a car. Always a positive sight to see during competition. Next up? I head some metallic rattling in the rear of the bike. Go figure, my cassette somehow has come loose......again. Time to look at the freebody hub a bit closer. Again, no worries. It seems to be shifting pretty good all things considering. And finally, with 5 miles to go the headwinds pick up and the rain sets in. In the end I was happy with my time because it was consistent with my 40k average, but with all the little quirks out there I wonder what it should have been. Oh ya, the 38K course measured out to 39.5K. Thanks USA Cycling for the accurancy. I measured it twice plus some others had the same distance too.

With a day to kill between races we lounged in our Candlewood Inn and Suites hotel, pre-rode the road course, checked out Churchill Downs, hunted for groceries, and went riding on a bike path that stretches along the river from the west to the north side of Louisville. Joes Crab Shack.

Downtown Louisville has a few blocks of culture along the covered 4th street plaza. Hard Rock, Maker's Mark, and some coffee shop called "Starbucks." If Louisvillians like anything it is apparently coffee, food, and bourbon. My type of people. Bardstown Road is where all the real culture exists though. By the road course and by campus. I skipped the road race and watched my dad instead. With Dan and Linda hanging around I didn't have to stand there like a loner.
Gordy and crew were cleaning up too!

Next off was the short 10 hour drive back, work a double, and go to Northfield. I like the Northfield course but just felt fatigued all day. Too much travel and lack of sleep. Still, we had good numbers. Danno kept himself in solid positioning, Meandawg did what I did and worked for awhile, retreated for some rest, and then worked some more. Matt Williams had some superpowers in action, "Illegal" Lance was back in action and stayed strong, and Micah was taking the flyers to breaks with a bit more speed than I could muster. In the end Bergman got the better of everyone and took the win.
Now, a few observations about racing taken from Northfield. 1. Diving corners- Sometimes you have to because you are trapped up inside. Fine, say something like "Inside." As one lucky rider found out, you can't ride over the inside curb. Your bike simply will not allow for that. 2. If the guy in front of you just pulled the group around for two laps and then is attacked from that group, don't yell at him to jump onto the attack. He just pulled for two laps you moron, covering that attack is all yours. Remember, you just got off the "free ride." 3. If someone swerves a couple riders in front of you that does not mean you swerve too. I had a rider swerve hard in front of me but I stayed my ground. However, the rider behind me swerved and he caused a wreck. Nice going. Doig got the receiving end of that crash from the foolish rider and now his ass looks like my ass after the MPLS crit. Tegaderm my man, lots if it. Rash gone in days.
Finally, for my stupidity of the week. As I get older I do stupider stuff. It is kind of a revert back to childhood. Back then it was because you didn't know, now it is because you didn't have the time to know. I have been struggling with my bike fit all freak'in year long. It bums me out because the Scott Addict is a sick ass bike. So, after trying every possible fit combo and just figured it may be me. Last night I went out and started to have the achilles ache again. I took my foot out of the pedal to figure out where in the stroke this was originating from and found it in the 7 to 10 position. Hmmm, that is an odd place. But, it would mean that my ankle is compacting right there which actually causes the achilles to lengthen. That can only originate from a seat that is too low (which is impossible because I am riding lower than last year and still feel like I am reaching for the pedals) way, no way.......I get off the bike to look at the numbers stamped into my way.....172.5. You have got to be freak'in kidding me. I ride 175's on everything. I stepped back to look at the arms and they looked like 175's. There it is. There is the entire problem. I feel stupid but confused as to why Scott would spec this bike with 172.5's. Well, hopefully I didn't saw off too much seatpost to get my fit back to where it should be. Tomorrow I am in a rush to find a new Dura Ace or Ultegra SL 175 crankset. Unbelievable and I am just sick with myself. I am looking at the bike right now and they look like 175's even sitting next to my TT bike which does actually have 175's. Lesson learned? When trying to figure out a fit issue over a fit that worked from last year measure everything. I have been measuring from the BB to seat all year. A simple measurement from the pedal to the seat would have revealed that length issue that I knew about but could not find. I hope Shimano is quick on the EP form.
Next up, 3 weeks of solid training for Elite Nats and following the Tour. Good fun. Ciao -Ian

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