Monday, August 18, 2008

Bees, beers, babes, and bikes

I forgot my camera so no photos. Man, I got stung by the biggest bee ever today. Right on the inside of my elbow as I was descending a sketchy singletrack downhill. He was just stuck in my skin and kept pumping his vial stinger solution into me. Thank God I am not allergic to them otherwise I would probably be laying on the trail.
This past weekend was was Downer's Grove. Maybe it was the late season, too much travel or too much work lately but I was just not into it. I rushed for nothing to get down there on Saturday morning. The Master's race was uneventful yet sketchy. I love Master's 1/2 races. No offense cat. 3's, but a Master's 1/2/3 race is a but too much for a National event. Some realy rookie riding but it didn't matter since my legs were left in the car.
I met up with Mean Dawg and Woell which somehow led to beer and cheap food. The beer was good, damn good. The It was a restaurant that was recommended by fellow racers and local Chicagoians. Well, they have bad taste. The joint was strange.
The next day I found good legs but no real focus. If I wanted to go to the front I found that I could easily. I just wasn't into the race. I decided to go up with 6 to go and made my move. Half way around the course I got my spokes sawed by some jenius rider who swerved over for no reason, hit me, and then went back to his position. I think he was switching his grip on the bars and his hand slipped. Regardless, I got the wonking wheel. With no "free laps" remaining I tested the wheel for a lap and decided it was good-to-go. I decided to get back up to the front area of the race again but made the mistake of sitting too outside going into the infamous Turn Two. Of course, there was a crash caused by a Waste Management rider which blocked up the outside. I didn't go down but was held up. I knew it would be next to impossible to make up the lost positions now. Oh well, rookie error and not really into the race never bodes well. Marco lost the race by a bike at best. Bummer, I would have liked to see him pull that off. That would be a good jersey for him.
Ran into the old A&F crew with Marco, Bennett, Harper, Jaime, Josh, and Frankie. All good guys and great cyclists.
Woell chews and Mean Dawg ganks a pinch as well. Nicotine freaks. Just like Frankie's Nicorette expenditures.
School is back in town. Lots of ladies everywhere. Bummer, real bummer.
And bikes. Road season is nearly done and the mountain bike is getting fully dialed and ridden. But, this brother has got to work and and make some money.
Time to go check the laundry. I still have clothes from California in the "out" basket. Ghetto! Ciao -Ian

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