Saturday, August 02, 2008

Survival of the fittest

I am pretty sure I saw this kid on a bike today. Actually, he was in a parking lot with his father with the rear deraileur hanging off. I biked by and wondered what kind of erratic wrench job the father was attempting. The kid looked over at me and said, "I don't need to ride with a helmet anymore!" Wow, good for you. Looks like the parenting in that kids life it setting him up for a very bright future.
I have been frantically getting stuff together for California. Wheels, kits, tools, and the earthquake/fire/mudslide/riot survival kit (They sell it in one complete set.) Dino at Hed got me lined up with a Hed Ardennes C2 Disc. It is a spoked wheel with a carbon cover. It is very stiff, wide aero rim profile (which also allows for more lenticular shaping of the disc and shorter contact patch approach), and lighter than my other Hed disc. Fast, stiff, and light....perfect for the Nats course. Being that it is so wide it won't fit in all TT frames. You Trek and Hed frame guys are in luck for sure.
God, I had the ladies from Hell at the bar last night. Again, all the wrong people are in car wrecks.
Had to deal with a Seagull with a broken wing in the middle of the road today. What do you do with it? I pushed it over to the side but in Winona my options are null and void as to a solution for its well-being. Nature will takes its course.
Time to sleep. Ciao -Ian

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