Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Weddings and State RR

First off, Congrats to Kathy and Nate Merten. For those of you who don't know Kathy, she is the goddess of massage. Hands from heaven. She went to school here in Winona, ironically moved to Boulder a few weeks before I did, ironically moved back to Winona a few weeks before I did, and she moved to Minneapolis. Then she met this rock climbing stud, Nate, who is a damn cool guy. Note: Her dress and his shirt for the wedding are from Patagonia. Classic! My kind of couple.

Next is Scott and Lindsay's wedding over the last weekend of Oktoberfest in LaCrosse. Oh God. Scott works for Olympic Supply, and Lindsay is the Trek WSD rep. and a fellow bartender with me. Biker wedding....october......in LaCrosse......over Oktoberfest......with Trek people in attendence......with my old crew in attendence...I hope I survive this one. I am too old to go down with an Oldstyle can in my hand. Nope, I am behaving at this one. I am staying at the Grandstay in LaCrosse so I need to be on my best behavior. Right Matt?
The State RR was last weekend. For the last time this season the Grandstay Team assembled looking for another road win. After failed early break attempts I managed to get the jump with Hareland and a few others for a 20 some-odd mile break. Eventually, Doug and a few other bridged over and the winning move was established. It was a full on who's who of Minnesota racing minus a couple guys. Maybe that made it predicatable or maybe that meant it was going to be hard in the end. Who knows? I never do. With Doug in the break I went into domestique-mode and tried to keep him from working too much. He was going to need good legs on the final climb to the finish. Knowing that Hareland was working for Timmer, Olson was riding wisely, Flanders was missing pulls, and GP was doing whatever they were doing (Pat attacking, Paully riding very sly, and Dale doing his monster drives) I knew we had to keep it together until then very end. I got dropped about a mile out after chasing Dale repeatedly. Thankfully Dale dropped too which made me feel more human. I saw Pat attack the group and unhappily chose to chase the group back down. I chased through to keep the pace as high as I could get it about 1/3 the way up the climb. Four came around and Doug took the win. Mission accomplished and according to plan. Racing is much easier when the team is riding as a team. When we have the full team present it is on. I think a cold spring, various injuries, and odd schedules left us without the team advantage for a couple months. But, in the end I knew why I came to this team in the first place. I know these guys and I know what they are all capable of. They did not disappoint. If anything I was the disappointment early on. Hell, even I was worried.
The off-season is upon my after Chequamegon. No cross or very little. I can't afford this gas stuff. Time to regroup and reorganize, pay the bills, rest, do some trail work at the Zinger, and start into next season. TT's and Enduro Mtb are 2009. Seriously. Distance and endurance. I like these events and should be doing more of them.
Anyway, I will be profiling each of the rigs over the next few days. Some people are curious as to what my TT rig is set up to. And, what is in store for the start line at Chequamegon. O.k, fine. I will let you take a look later this week.
Until then, off to Cable Saturday to ride the course and then back to Chetek for a break on Sunday. Anyone have extra Rage Against the Machine tickets to sell? Contact me. Ciao -Ian

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