Sunday, August 03, 2008

You guys are frak'in fast!

First, Timmer tears up his old record at the Firehouse 50 TT. I thought his old record must have been on a very good day. Well, I guess his days get even better. That one may be untouchable.

....then Zirbel takes out Horner at the 4.5 mile Prologue by 3 seconds to cash-in for $4500! Do the math. $4500 divided by 4.5 miles = I am going to ride fast for this one. Hey, click on Zirbel's link on my blog and read about his Grand Fondo experience. What a race and trip!
So, it is my hope that good things happen in 3's! My National Elite TT being that big 3rd hurray!
Legs have felt dead over the last couple days which can worry a man. To me, that means the work is in them. Time to release it all with a couple days of rest in them as well. Cali weather is looking to be good. The surf'in is gonna be killer man. Man, I don't surf.....on water that is.

Speaking of Horner. That man has bad luck....plain and simple. He crashed at Elk Grove yesterday and broke his collarbone again. I think he should take them out a replace them with some sort of plastic piece. Ciao -Ian

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Kyia said...

6th is awesome! Great Ride!! Jetting in for the Ore to Shore??