Wednesday, September 24, 2008

08 ends with a "W"/ Dear Tom....

If you think this is a bad ass wheel then...

check out this mofo. Flame Rouge = Super duper fast.

Meanwhile, the Hed crew is in Vegas behaving and I am drinking I Sam Adams Octoberfest and looking back. Hmmmm, beer makes one look into the history, and make them create a blurred future. Well, I am one who believes the future was already there.
Last weekend was the Wisport World's Time Trial. I decided to go with no riding in the legs after Chequamegon. I got on the TT bike and thought my seat was too high or something was up. Too much time on the mountain bike apparently. Speaking of which, still sits in the stand looking for love after getting violated by mud at the Chequamegon. I see you baby.
Damn, my Scott Addict R2 just hit it's Reserve. Sorry to see you go baby. Great frame. Stiff and oh so light.
So, I went to the TT and won. The course was flat and straight foward. I figured my nearest competitor, and the man to watch, would, and was, Lance Niles from Brone's. He finished 37 seconds back or something like that. Lance is defintely proved he is the new Midwest TT contender. Welcome to the club. Timmer showed up late! on his sweet singled out rig. Casper is in Japan eating live fish and taking pictures of Buddha. It was nice to win at the end of the year. Being that every win I had this year was in a time trial I should be pretty happy. This coming from an ex-hypicritical time trialist who used to absolutley used to hate and deplore time trials, and the entire concept of them. Speedy recovery to the gentleman who went down hard in the TT. Better to fall in the Fall.
Now comes a serious break. Riding when I can and when I want to. No weightroom action or serious riding until October. Well, riding in October and weights from Oct to Feb. Cross? Still nope. I may spectate and see if Timmer wants to help me clean out this cooler of these strange brown bottles of an intoxicating substance.
Now, as for you Tom. Sure, you can kill it on a bike. You put out power numbers that have caused SRM to add another digit to their computers. You have legs that make people look at theirs and cry in disgrace. Your time trials are fast enough to make any photo of them a blur, even at a 1000 speed shutter speed. But man, the hair. Pro or not, the mullet is become a serious topic amongst cycling circles.

But, here is how I see it. It is you. You have had that thing clinging to your head ever since I met you in Boulder. It is one of the parts of "Thor." Plus, you are from Iowa so it is mandatorily acceptable. So, keep it and F the rest of those wish-I-had-a-mullet-like-that critics. When you can slay all those around you on a bike as you do you can proudly fly the mullet.

..and man, great job on the USPRO TT. 2nd? Look at that podium you are standing on and with who. Damn impressive. Many more years to win that sucker.
And to the railroad workers who sat at my bar last night and killed $400 in beers. This Buds for you! Ciao -Ian

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