Thursday, September 11, 2008

And for Chequamegon

Thats the rig. A 2008 Gary Fisher Paragon with full XTR except for the front deraileur. Hed Ardennes rims built onto a pair of Hugi/DT Swiss disc hubs. So far, an older set of Hutchinson Pythons (better to seal up). White Bros. rigid fork, Thomson stem, Ericksen Ti seatpost, and Bontrager 7 degree bars. It is a rough set-up on the Chequamegon course but that is the give a little, get a little approach.
No Lance since he likes Aspen better. "Ah, California is beautiful this time of year." We get Page instead. Yikes. Fast. Fun. Weather? Who knows? Does anyone ever really know?
See you all up there. I feel like crap so things must be status quo. Ciao -Ian


timmer said...

damn it Ian.. i thought i was the only one on a baby blue

Ian Stanford said...

Man, baby blue is in. Someone told me to repaint this frame and I said, "what would I paint it, baby blue?" Yep, she is a keeper.