Sunday, September 07, 2008

The TT Rig

Well, for a few year now I have been riding and winning on a Hed VO4 TT frameset and various Hed wheels.

While the frame may look simply in time trial framset terms, it is a very responsive and stiff frame. Oversized aluminum tubing sets with a stiff carbon rear end, and stiff bottom bracket have kept me on this frameset this long. The bike hugs the road. I would like to see more of the cablesets buried though. Who knows, maybe I will modify on my own. Nokon cables from the bars to the frame. I have looked at several framesets other than the Hed but it is the rare geometry of this bike that keeps me coming back. I can jump on it and be set to go. Steve Hed and Dino dialed in my fit a year ago and it still fits like a glove. Normally a Bontrager TT waterbottle and bracket for races.

I still use the older Hed TT bars. Mainly because I hit my knees on the new ones when out of the saddle. Plus, I like the way the extensions are set on this base bar. Very stiff. S-bends are the way to go if you have the wrists for them. I used to use oval arm rests but ended up with these while waiting for oval ones from Hed. The irony is that I now like these better. I use a low profile padding set and have the bars locked into their lowest position of a -10 degree 80mm stem. A new Bontrager saddle finishes off the cockpit. I use a mix of components. SRAM force crankset with a 55/44 Shimano Dura Ace ring set. I can push them so I use them. My position allows for me the get over them well. Dura Ace pedals and TT levers, and a SRAM brakeset. Sigma computer with average speed, speed, and time all displayed at once. Yes, I depend on my computer in TT's. Helmet? Giro Advantage II and size small skinsuits. You have to stay away from Ben and Jerry's for sure in order to get that fit.

I left my tubular Hed Standard Disc behind for a prototype Hed C2 clincher disc. It is essentially a Hed Ardenne with a carbon covering. Fits in very few TT frames unless you have a Hed, Trek, Stork or something similar. Extremely light and stiff. My damn ceiling fan had it spinning around all night from a distance of 12 feet away. That is aero. Climbs like a mountain goat. On the front I use various wheels from Hed Stingers to the Hed tri-spoke. Bontrager 19cc clincher on the front, Bontrager TT 23cc clincher on the rear, both at max. pressures.
Last weekend was a good pre-ride on the Chequamegon course. Yep, that is Rosie's behind us. And there is my rig on the ground. Check out the secret wheels. Oh, you can't see them? More later.

No more mountain biking until Chequamegon. We went and rode the Human Powered Trails (HPT) in LaCrosse yesterday. Nice stuff. I crashed hard early when I was coming around a fast swtichback only to find freshly fallen deadfall outside of the turn. It ripped me from my bike and threw me into a tree. In the end I got back up, rode for a couple hours, and now am dealing with a pretty bruised right knee and quad. Freak'in brilliant. Not worried though.
I started a new blog to voice my own political views and such. This blog simply is not the forum for such blaspheme.
Like it, hate it. I am pretty much open to tear into both parties because they both seem to miss the point, you and I.
See you all in Cable next weekend. Ciao -Ian

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Lacrosse has the rocks to rip up somebody good. Lets see what you have to say about that bigot PALIN?