Tuesday, October 28, 2008

The Magical Disappearing Act 2008

Sometimes a lot of this type of riding and scenery can lead to no Blogging. Priorities in place right? Yep.
I can proudly say that I have ridden 7 times in October. Call it my rest month, call it my catching up on life, money, friendships, and rest. Call it the time to enjoy the riding a bit more than in the summer. No focus. I love riding in the fall, especially on the trails. One of these photos is the beginning of a long side-hilled trail simply know as the Cistern due to it relative proximity to an old Cistern. Some call it the "Wildwood Climb" but we have since killed everyone who foolishly did that. Much easier to accomplish when a cemetary is only 40 feet away and downhill. Makes dragging bodies easier. Less gravitational forces. Anyway...

Magically, I have only put on two pounds this month. Good to go as I start into the weightroom an a week or so. Next week was D-Day for that but since I suddenly got sick this weekend I have postponed my reunion with the Weilder wearing T-shirt crew at the local YMCA. About time someone show them how the leg press works. Just keep me off of the bench press. I will die. The photo section of rocks, tight trail, leaves, and a tricky ass climb just out of sight is known to me as "Sleepy Hollow." Maybe because it is always dark through here or maybe because if you crash here you are out of earshot of help. I had a friend go down not to far from here one day. By nightfall we were all hanging with his roommate getting ready to hit the town, but no Shawn to be found anywhere. Finally, 9-hours after he left to go ride he comes back in beat to hell. He had crashed, knocked himself out cold, laid on the trail for 6 hours, and came back to at night, dazed, confused, and thus lost. We welcomed him back and that was that. Wear your helmets fools.

Ah, I used a familiar photo of this spot last year. I call it "Why Turn" for the obvious directions of the trail. It is always bright as hell through here during the changing of the leaves. It makes you put your hands up and scream. Pure amazement.
Hey, Nov. 4th is an important day for us in the US. Go vote! I don't care who or what you stand for but go make an EDUCATED vote either way. If you don't know the candidates then leave that line blank. Vote for what you know, what you believe, and what you think is right.

Sometimes you drag the locals with you, sometimes they drag you. The first photo is of P.K. who is a bit more techy than I on some of the sketch parts, Jake is the fast improver. Change his diet of Saltines and peanut butter and he will be strong. Either way, true riders and stewards of the trails.
You know, this damn Blogger posted my photos out-of-download-order. Lammo
O.k, so some know I walk my cat, Tom....and not with a leash. Hey, I live in a small apartment and he is a cat. So, I figure the dude needs to stretch the legs too. A couple nights ago he decided to step up a notch in catdom and chase down a mouse in the parking lot. However, upon his successful capture I shook it from his mouth and it took off. Me, a Pacifist? Nope, just don't need any odd vet bills right now.
Carved a pumpkin tonight. Basic wins everytime. I missed the annual pumpkin carve-off at work Sunday due to being sick. Hell, if I would have carved a pumpkin based on how I felt all I would have had to do was throw one down onto the pavement hard. Perfect representation. Since I schooled the staff last year with my Stuey Pumpkin I have now been made honorary judge this year. Hey, $75 in coffee gift cards and various party gifts at stake.
Selling a Trek 56cm XO1 cross bike. Let me know. More info soon.

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