Wednesday, October 08, 2008

Oktoberfest= das hangover

Last weekend was the wedding of Scott Sherman (Olympic Supply), and Lindsay Bradley (Trek WSD) in LaCrosse during Oktoberfest (Too much beer). Anyhow, the wedding was beautifully done in a gardens down by the river. NO, not a beer garden. Next up was a 3.5 hour cruise on the river playing "buoy" with only Bud or Miller as an option. Since no one in their right mind would drink any Miller products I was forced to drink "The Diesel" each time we passed a buoy. Damn the Corp of Engineers and all their damned buoys.


There are too many photos at weddings. Especially when the photographer is being photographed photographing.
Some guys play it cool and sophisticated when sipping on an ice-cold Bud. Errr...Bud!

and some somehow got some Bud when no one was looking (been there, done that). Man, this kid should be on Broadway with all the moves he broke out. He kept all the adults at bay while he stole the floor. After the boat is was downtown LaCrosse baby!

And when drunk feel free to pose for any photo by any person taking a photo....or attempting to take a photo. I am not sure how I managed to snap any photos after this point. Too many beers, Jim Beam and Cokes, and then put out of my misery by shots ending in the word "Bomb." They put that word in the name of the shot for a reason. Once that hits the stomach there is a reaction that relates to bulemia. To say the least, I needed a few minutes to regroup at the end of the night.

Ahhh, the off-season.
But that time is ending near as I transfer my sorry-drunk-ass back onto the bike to start of tension intervals leading back to the weightroom. It was a fun three weeks off but time to get into AA and back on the bike.
How about those latest dopers. Yea!
"Keep a cool hand on the tiller." wtf? Ciao -Ian

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