Monday, November 03, 2008

76 degrees, Nov. 3rd, Go Vote tomorrow!

(pictures of out of order again. "Damn you Blogger!")
Whew, I was able to sneak out of work early today being that this week will be a bit slower for us. Oh, your business too? Seems to be a trend. Anyway, got across our recently temporarily repaired bridge and into my secret riding gardens in Wisconsin. Anyone who knows the above intersection knows of the straight-up, literally, crazy climb to come. We took Bjorn up it a couple years ago and it was the first time I saw his "unhappy" face.

....and the climb. Like all pictures that don't give gradient credit, the likewise is applied to this photo too. In the end, I am still addicted to this damn thing. In shape, out of shape, whatever. If I am biking by that intersection I am heading up that beast. Now coming down it is hairball.

Wisconsin has some serious climbs and downhills all along the Mississippi River Valley. Minnesota puts gravel down, Wisconsin puts down blacktop. Minnesota has more sustained climbs, Wisconsin wasted no time getting to the top.
Tomorrow you have to go vote. It is not a priviledge, it is your duty as a citizen to this Country. Vote for who and what you know, leave blank what you do not, and take down your damn election signs please. I don't want to see anymore "W" and "Bush/Cheney" stickers left in windows from 2000 and 2004. Seriously, there is nothing to be proud of there. Got to go. Ciao -Ian

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