Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Awesome Bicycle Stunts

Humbling. I am lucky if I can stay on a sidewalk. Back in the weightroom, watching all the transfers to other teams, trying to get equipment together for 2009, reading "Infinite Jest", watching the dopers dope and the caught-dopers appealing, watching pirates catch ships the size of a U.S. Aircraft Carrier, wondering if I should become a pirate (I could take over the corn-trade here on the Upper Mississippi, watching people do the "double take" when the open their wallet to pay the bill, turned the heat on (keeping it lower this year), looking for a winter trip to Austin, San Diego, and possibly Tucson (pick two of three), and putting bike back together for the 2008 Annual Dan Swanson Turkey Ride on Thanksgiving Day leaving from the Depot thingy in Minnehaha Falls at 7am. Be there or or stay home and get a headstart on the food. Regardless, 4 hours of pre-burn. Ciao

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Kyia said...

Are you seriously reading Infinite Jest? Tell me how far you get....Tennis, big words, and what not.