Thursday, November 06, 2008

Hed in action, Patriots, I spy, damn, I told you so

OH, what a surpise. I can't believe it took this long for this bastard to get prosecuted by a cycling body. CONI in Italy is going to stick it to Stevic. I have said for years this asshole is riding dirty. Well, I hope it all crashes down on him as hard as possible. Get the hell out of OUR sport!

I spy Travis Brown taking Trek's version of belt-driven bikes into the next level, racing.

Democracy in action. The recent windows knocked out by rocks at the Democratic office in Winona is more likely racism in action. However, if it is political I guess that is what it really means to be a "Patriot" in a "Democracy." The "People" have spoken, now finally deal with it. Personally, I am damn proud to be an American during this time. I have always hoped that I would live in the United States during some very historic moments. Here is one of them right now.

Man, you feel pretty cool getting a time trial fit with Steve Hed when you see him fitting....

....The Man. Lance looks old, but he also looks fast. Unlike me who looks old, and looks fat. I remove the "s" from fast.


Jake said...

Do you think Lance uses a phone book under his front wheel like you did?

Ian Stanford said...

Depends what city he is in. If you like to climb then New York's works great.

Large Falling Icicles said...

Stevic belongs in a Dungeon in Sicily locked up with Salvatore and Ahmend Akbar.

Stevic was selling his controlled substances to make a living and race.

Drug appologists fail to understand simple facts.

When someone uses PED's and races, they are not really in that race. They are racing a different vehicle and pretending to race the bike.

Drugs are fake and artificial. Its not their blood, its modified blood created by a lab.

Fraud is something only sociopaths can live with, unfortunately sport attracts frauds to 'legaly' lie, cheat and steal.