Sunday, November 23, 2008

look'in at the old photos

(Photo by Matt Moses)
Patty Cakes called it and it was a good idea. Why not? I made it into the finish circuit with two minutes with Johnson but then it all fell apart. Loose cassette and the Toyota train there to destroy it. A lot different then this past year. Thursday I went back to my Sport Therapist in LaCrosse because I am still unable to lay on the right hip. Ever since the crash in the Minneapolis NVGP Crit. I have had a sharp pain in my hip whhenever I lay on my right side. She did another two X-rays on it and we'll see what we get. I am trying to avoid any MRI jazz. The muscle is still knotted in there but she didn't think that should be the cause. Hmmm

(ya, ya, I know. The photo has that dumb little stamp on it)
Greg Brandt, and anyone else who has been up Mt. Nebo can testify to my face. They had one too. The thing is that it is a real hard climb, but such a fun climb that it doesn't really hurt in the sense that most bastard climbs hurt. For one, you never see down the road more that 50 yards at a time. It won't hurt so bad if you can see it.

First time I ever did the NVGP. Ah, Stillwater. All I remember is that it was hot this day and I just missed a bad crash. Got gapped but stayed out of the crash.

After the finish of the closest Chequamegon ever. 7 guys all within like 3 seconds. If you were there you saw us all drop into the bowl together. Each of us taking some different retarded line. The one who ended up with the least retarded line won. Doug thought he had taken a super retarded line but it ended up being the least. This was the great year that I broke a rear spoke 10 miles in. The damn thing took a rock, snapped right in the middle, and the inside half wrapped around the back of my cassette. Thus, I was "fixed" the entire race with a wobbly wheel. Cleaning the bike that night I horribly discovered the left side of my rim eaten alive and absolutely no brake pad left in the left brake. It had all worn away from the wobbly wheel. Next year, I said, disc brakes.

A great photo of the 2007 Downer's Grove Elite Nats. It rained, rained, and rained some more. In fact, it never stopped raining the whole weekend. Every race I did it rained. But, it is fun to battle it out with Tilford. You may have a plan against him but he has 15 plans against you. Veteran of the sport who has seen it, done it, is still doing it, and knows the play book.
Well, time to change out the Stan's laden tires for some cross tires on the Paragon. I have been procrastinating this process for over two weeks now to the point that I feel like I may becoming some sort of lazy, winterbound Minnesotan. Hey, I am just simply adjusting to the seasons. Happy T-day on the way! Ciao -Ian


Frankster said...

hey! I took that first picture. see here on cyclingnews. how about giving me a photo credit?

Frankster said...

oops, that was Matt Moses's photo, I have to sheepishly admit. be sure to give him credit! :-)

Ian Stanford said...

I always wondered who took that photo. Sorry about that lack of credit. I never knew who shot it. Sweet. I will fix that.