Sunday, December 21, 2008

Gear up, and locker room no's

Dearest Grandstay crew. The team camp for 2009 will feature a new addiction. Yep, a hot tub. Chicka-chicka-ya. The damn thing is like the Disco Inferno of hot tubs.

Well, a couple new items came together. Thanks Mark from Specialized for helping the team out. Thanks Maury from Trek for getting me the time trial gear I feed off of.
White bike with black deep carbons, orange bike with black deep carbons. Ya, looks good and fast. I need to score some new " UCI legal" TT bars before building up the TTX (Hed is working on them)(Damn the UCI and their never ending TT fit rules), and Mark has a pair of 175 cranks so that I don't pull the stupid move I pulled last year.

The snowshoes hit the trails yesterday. With a lot of new snow, 30-40 below windchills, some serious wind and drifts, and late January like Minnesota weather......well, it is just plain winter. Rollers, fluid trainers, weights, xc skiing, and snowshoes. There is plenty to do. Right Sager?
The locker room at the local YMCA is somewhat of a comedic stage of events and talk. A comment heard over the lockers a couple days ago led to me thinking of things you should never say in a men's locker room.
1. (This started it all) "Ya, I am going to the Celine Dione Concert tonight."
2. "Does this jock strap make my ass look big?"
3. "Crap, I forgot my towel. Can I use yours?"
4. "Man, playing baseball just wears me out."
5. "This itch is driving my nuts nuts."
6. "Hey, did you read that article in the recent Playgirl about...."
7. "Jazzercise was so damn fun today."
8. "Dude, I am way bigger than you."
9. "Dude, you are way bigger than me."
10. "Could you possibly squeeze this thing on my back for me?"
I could go on and on.
I'll tell ya, the men's locker room concept is always been a crude working study of a man's social network skills. It is a community that needs to have a bowling ball roll right through the middle of it. I have seen pigs in a holding pen communicate in more humane ways than that of the human man. And ladies, you are no exception apparently. I have heard the stories. So, I guess it is just human.
Stuff forsale? I need to build the list first.
I do have a new pair of Mavic Ksyriums SL's, and a pair of Bontrager Aelous 50 carbon clincher Timex Edition's that have got to go. Also, a pair of Bontrager carbon TT bars. SRAM Red crankset in 175's. All new. That will all be in the next update. Happy Holidays. Eat cookies please. Ciao -Ian


Eric O. said...

The nastiest thing I saw in the locker room: The community center has lotion in some soap dispensers hanging on the wall and this fat naked man went over to it, took some lotion, and began to polish the family jewels. With the same hand he went for some more lotion. I no longer use the lotion.
That is not the kind of hot tub I'd want to go into with other guys.

Ian Stanford said...

You can turn off the lights so that the hot tub is simply a hot tub.
That is a great locker room story and it doesn't surprise me one bit. We have guys like that who sit there and shave or have one on one conversations, fat, nude, and seemingly just fine. It only makes me work out even harder.

SMB tech geeks said...

Can I just say Eric, eeeuuuuuwwwwwwwwww!