Saturday, January 03, 2009

Facing the Facebook

Damn, I have been officially forced into the Facebook Community. I am left wondering where some of you find all this time to sit on Facebook? I think we are all becoming "wired" into the Matrix. Do I hear a phone ringing? So, while I organize that huge bundle of joy and have battling many other things.
Trying to get this TTX built and ready to go by the end of January. Measurements need to be spot on and ready for review. I just need to get some black Shimano cable housing so that I can rid the bike of that nasty Jagwire stuff. Dear local shop, drop the order so that I can get my housing eh. Plus, I had to order a shorter XXX Lite stem. $$$. But, the 90mm was making things a little UCI un-cool. Speaking of the UCI, they still don't know what they want to do with the new TT bar rules. Enforce now or 2010?
Fixing the body too. The weightroom ended up triggering up an injury deep in my right hip. My local hospital dropped the ball on the examination so I headed to Gunderson in LaCrosse. Well, it would appear that my injury from crashing at the Nature Valley GP MPLS Crit has something to do with this. It is funny, while the fall was nothing new in cycling I did find it odd that I fell so directly "down" instead of skidding. I think it was because I tried to save it and instead high-sided. Either way, I knew that the fall had a funny feeling about it. So far, I still can't sleep in my right side and now I have a pulled muscle (Psoas region) that is related to the big-ass bump I have on the outside of the hip. Ultra-sound to come in a week or so. This muscle pull sits right through a region with a high amount of lymphnodes so I am feeling pain in my leg, back, stomach, and of course the hip. I thought it was a hernia at first but it definitely is not that. The great part about it is, it was lifting beer kegs at work that caused this new pain. Well, all in the name of beer.
Muscle pulls that upset your stomach make you either eat a lot or nothing at all.
I need to sell bike stuff. I am going to need two tables at the Bike Swap in Blaine at this rate.
Headed off for the cabin for New Years. Family and friends, beer, way too much food of the unquality type, but fun all the same. Got a sweet Christmas gift from my cousin and sister of 10 mini Lance Armstrong Sports Illustrated covers with one full-sized one in the middle with the man's autograph. They spent way too much on me for Christmas but they blended it into my B-day gift for this week too. 37. Boy oh boy.
Congrats to Jesse and Annie on what is to become a marriage! Cabin soon man! Ciao -Ian

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Andy said...

Ian, Not Facebook!!!! UUHHH. I hope your hip is al right yo. Happy Birthday brother!