Saturday, February 21, 2009


(photo by Graham Watson)
Well, what was probably the strongest TT field the ToC has ever has for a time trial (minus Fabian), Zirbel was able to finish 39 seconds back of the winner, Levi. In the end, 7th place was the deal. I know he wanted a podium but top 10 is nothing to shy away from especially when you look at the "names" around him. He rode a greattime trial. As cyclingnews put it, Zirbel has put himself now amongst one of the fastest time trialist in the world. You can take that comment to the bank.
Again, look at that sweet disc. What is that thing? Anyway, it is time to "nickel and dime" Zirbel for some extra speed. I know just the people who can find that.
It snowed again. I was really enjoying get outside and get some miles on the bike. However, today it is cold and messy. Back to the trainer.
Tucson March 11-18th cannot, I repeat, cannot come soon enough. Ikes, Wild Oats, In & Out, are all wonderful rewards for the long miles ahead. With T.J living down there, and Reints, Muyres, and a couple others floating around in the area there should be some good long days. I am still up for the Oracle/ Lemmon superloop if the weather plays out, and last year I wasn't able to get out to Kitts. Make-up ride is due. Coffee, couch, MPR, and tired from work. One more night, one day off, and then 2 days in Eau Claire to punch numbers. Arrr. Ciao -Ian

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