Monday, February 02, 2009

Back from the A2 Tunnel

This last week I was fortunate enough to be invited out to the A2 Windtunnel in Charolette, NC for a check of my aero position along with watching a few others going through. I am still waiting for photos of myself going through and will get them posted soon. Until then, my photos and Jason Goldberg's.

The opportunity to work with Steve Hed, Dino, Mike Giraud, Boone, Jason Goldberg, Lars Tuetenberg, and the many athletes who showed up was unbelievable. It was one of those moments where I was sitting in between runs in the tunnel thinking, "Holy crap, what is going on?" There was so much knowledge and talent around my mind was blown and still is.

Well, in the heart NASCAR Country you can expect to find windtunnels and anything that supports NASCAR. While we were in a more bike friendly tunnel, right across the parking lot was the monster tunnel that was running cars. On the right side of this photo you get the bike gurus, on the left side you get Joe Gibbs Racing's Aero guys. Steve and the Gibbs guys hit it off instantly.

Yep, fast. The Columbia guys came and it was all business. Great guys and a wee bit fitter than me. Ha. One thing you should always do before going to a windtunnel is to make sure you are in shape. It is an interval workout. I got spooked out when I saw the guys breathing hard in between runs. I then realized that it would kind of hurt. It also taught me and reminded me that it is time to step up the interval work.

Big, big thanks to the guys on each end. Chris "Dino" Edin for helping me out over the years with wheel tech, aero fit, and being Dino. And of course, to Steve Hed who makes it all happen. The guy breathes this stuff. Nobody knows this stuff like he does. Not even close. He has been a great supporter of myself and many others. I more than appreciate what he does. Thanks Man!

O.k, Jason Goldberg has a far cooler camera than mine. But he snores too damn loud and I don't so it balances it out. Great photo of Dino and Max.
So, what did I learn? Simple. First off, I eat this stuff up. I love everything that was going on. The numbers, the fit, the power, the positioning, and what it leads up to. How to make someone faster. Sure, power helps but it is not the end-all. Being around people who understand this stuff suits me just fine. I learned that old myths in fitting are just that. I learned that just because it looks aero doesn't mean it is. If you are serious about your time trial abilities and skills definitely look up Mike Giraud at the A2 Windtunnel and get it done. It is affordable and it works.
More on the story when I get my photos. Ciao -Ian


Meow said...

I'm excited just READING about it!

BVDG said...

very cool bro! I really want to get in there one of these days... I'm taking off feb 24th, and that will be it for me.