Thursday, February 26, 2009

Lance still rules the road

Oh, that is funny stuff. Lance wins this one.


Sean Noonan said...

I disagree. This is just more bullying from the most famous questionable rider in cycling.

It only looks bad for Mr Armstrong, especially if he is clean.

Now if he had stolen the pitchfork and ridden around with it, that would have been entertaining.


Ian Stanford said...

To each his own. I figure no matter what you think of Lance, some people take things a bit too far. Of course Lance has, but this clown laying in the snow looks like a moron in the first place. Lance just furthered this guy's state of "moron," not the other way around

Eric O. said...

I agree with Ian. This is a moron fan who deserved what he got. I'm all for running along side riders but keep your distance. If you interfere with the race and its riders you deserve to be humiliated.

TomZ said...

That's a pretty funny sequence. I agree w Ian on this one too. If you're going to attack someone's integrity (rightly or not) you better expect some retribution. Thanks for the help in the TTs at ToC this year Ian! And where do you find all these pics??? I also remember the Boulder Roubaix altercation you spoke of. :) I'll speak to you soon.

Ian Stanford said...

Tom, the power of not having Cable TV is that now I just sit on the computer. Time for Time. So, these photos appear. has a lot of TT shots, and to be honest, I am not sure where the rest of them come from. Definitely talk soon. Ciao -Ian