Wednesday, February 11, 2009

More of the tunnel

Thanks again to Jason Goldberg for the photos while I was trying to get faster

Various positions starting from low to high, back to front, head up, head down, looking for what is going to drop the drag grams.

Chris "Dino" Edin telling me that we are posing for the photo.

Well, the old tranny is getting fixed today for $$$ that I simply don't have. I am trying to get my fat Minnesota white-ass down to Tucson next month but I can't get a hold of the guy I was going to stay with. I think he and his wife are on vacation. Still, I need to book my flight this week so, "Tony, where are you?" If anyone has room for me in Tucson I will buy you In & Out burgers nightly!
Bike swap was pretty successful. Good to see everyone again and good to be in the bike circles again. I scored a sweet jersey off of Dougo, and I got rid of a couple big ticket items to help pay off the new road bike. Speaking of which, time to go ride. Ciao -Ian


Meow said...

OMG-how is it that you still have tan lines?!!

Ian Stanford said...

I think they don't and won't go away anymore. A sign of too many years of this stuff. Time for an industry job and no more number pinning. Just a little longer or so. Give or take.