Saturday, February 07, 2009

Open your Homes!

While it may seem early to bring it up I will do just so. For the 2009 Great River Energy Festival/ Nature Valley Grand Prix, Dave LaPorte is looking for additional Host Housing for the teams coming in. If you live in the Minneapolis area or a centralized area to the various races, and have the room to host a team, please contact Dave LaPorte through Click on "Volunteers" and fill in your info. If you have any friends who may be able to help urge them to do so as well.
I am putting in an extra plug for my old team which is now called the Kenda Pro Cycling Team. They have a full squad coming along with a few support staff and need a place to stay. If you can help them out please contact me at or again, contact Dave LaPorte.
Money is tighter than ever in cycling and we have a great race up here. Anything we can do as a Midwest cycling community would greatly benefit everyone involved. Thanks a lot! Ciao -Ian

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BVDG said...

good on ya bro ;) stoked for the race! you gotta give me some pointers on the prologue when it comes a little nearer...