Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Soul of the bike

(photo by D. Parks/pezcyclingnews)
All bikes have a soul. They really do. Why do you think they are so hard to sell at times? They have literally become a friend. You have shared good times, bad times, and sometimes, more time with this friend then your actual breathing and walking friends. While you should be taking a shower or getting your haircut, you are found cleaning chains and polishing frames instead.
So, when I heard that four bikes were taken from Astana I had to think about what the riders of those bikes thought. First off, do riders of that caliber actually become attached to certain bikes? i.e. does the rider have a soul? Would Lance really care that someone took his TTX or is it simply the principle of it for him?
Well, regardless. Whoever took the bikes does not have a soul. Stealing bicycles is a heartless jesture that cannot possibly lead to a soulful rider. Change of heart? Maybe. Jani's bike magically reappeared today at the hotel that Astana was staying at that night. But, lets be real here. What are you going to do with Lance's custom TTX. Sell it? Where? How? Will Lance even want it back now? Ah, the trust a rider has in his or her bike also creates or destroys that soulful connection.
I could make a lot of money if someone stole my bikes but that is not what I would ever want to happen. First off, they are MY bikes and I don't want to go through the hassle of getting new ones. Second, they are my friends. You F with my friends and someone is going to die. Simple as that. Soul? Perhaps it is the karma you create around your bike and riding. If it all connects positively then surely is it is soulful.
Now, who is interested in a Trek TTX (Medium) in a Livestrong custom paint-up. Ridden once? SRAM Red group with aelous 90 front, and lightweight rear disc. Shhhh


Meow said...

Bike love...I understand completely!

Jake said...

My cross bike got stolen the day before cross nationals in Baltimore a fewe years ago. It sucked. Dewey and Jeremy both took off on their bikes in different directions but couldn't find the guy who took it. It was set up exactly how I wanted it and even though insurance replaced everything, it wasn't the same.