Friday, March 20, 2009

Back in the M.I.N.N

Don't see these growing around here at all.
Back from Tucson. Dino was priviledge to picking me up at 11pm at HHH with the "family van." Deep down, he is self-admitting that he loves the minivan.

When in Arizona you WILL run into people from Minnesota. Jesse, on his annual winter layoff can be found in Tucson, and Casper and Sone can be found there too in between their shifts at work. We drove down from Tucson to hook up with the Flanders, Casper, Sone crew for some riding down to the bordertown of Naco, and then back up to Bisbee, dodge a freak rainstorm, and back to Sierra Vista. Casper then fed us. Go figure. Firefighters become firefighters not to put out fires, they do it because they seemingly are very good cooks.

Meanwhile, I was staying at TJ Woodruff's. He bailed me out when my housing fell through. He has got the craziest little apartment/guest house. It works and is the perfect size for the cyclist in you. TJ is getting into blood as a coach now. Blood Lactate test. Fun, fun, fun.

On the way to Madera Canyon solo via the cobbled Mission Rd. Tucson does not have paved roads, it has patched ones. From here I need to bike up into the saddle between the two mountain tops. Not bad, only 40 miles from here.

All good trips come to an end. We took a cool flight path out of Tucson. Had I been on the otherside I would have had Lemmon in the shutter. Instead, I found some new terrain on the starboard side of the plane. More photos later. Now I am sick. Again, go figure. Ciao -Ian

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