Tuesday, March 10, 2009

A funny photo I found somewhere. I don't work with people this clever.

It's on! Jane's Addiction is back with the whole crew. Perry Ferrell, Dave Navaro, Stephen Perkins, and atlas, Eric Avery. Top the tour off with Nine Inch Nails opening up, and Streetsweeper (Tom Morello's new band). Yep, this is the tour of the year. Sorry Zep fans, Plant won't do it. Bummer. Anyway, KC goes on sale today at noon. Nearest show to Minnesota. Of course, all the dates have yet to be announced. Denver is an option too and an excuse to go out to Boulder. The day after the Duluth Classic so that just may work.
Flying to Tucson tomorrow to link up with Reints, T.J. Woodruff, Bobafett, and the Casper/S2 connection. Hopefully Brandt and Marcotte get down there and we will have a crew to "represent." Long days, big miles, distant roads, In & Out Burger, and Stronghold Vineyards wines. Only catch? I have to drive through shit weather to get to the Cities. I guess you have to earn your turns at times. Photos from the SW soon enough. Ciao -Ian


Meow said...

Mmmm...In 'N Out...the Best!!Happy Riding!

Andy said...

Rev. Horton Heat
July 20th at First Ave.
I think we should go yo.
Think about it.