Sunday, March 29, 2009

The season almost feels like one

Well, some things take a bit to get use to in cycling. Seeing Lance on the ground and not getting back up, well that is a first. Too bad. Love him, hate him, I still like to watch him race. He has a presence in the field that not many others can bring. Plus, I am excited about the Giro this year. Get well man!

Oh, bless you guys. Tool announces a 2009 U.S. Tour. Me there? Count on it.

Push yourself hard enough and long enough in your passion and sport it will either reward you or take it all away. Either way, it is all rewarding. What? Well, Shane McConkey died in Italy this past week doing what he loved. Not driving down I-494 during rush hour. If you step into the ring you have to roll with the punches. No matter how good you are eventually one of those punches is going to get through. RIP Shane!

Cole wins GP Waregem in Belgium. A huge U-23 race and a huge win. Congrats man!

Well, I have been sneaking some riding in between getting my ass kicked at work and getting my taxes done. Yesterday Jens and I went and rode with the Brone's crew. Great ride and good guys and gals. I have been getting out on the TT bike as well. Today was a couple hours of riding, adjusting, riding, adjusting, shadowing, adjusting, and finally left wondering if I got it right. Tomorrow will put some effort into the final position from today. If it works it works. If it doesn't, out comes the Allen wrench and the process begins again.
This weekend is the Grandstay camp. Great time and great to see the crew again. Dougo will be missing and for good reasons. Good luck you two and early "Congrats!" We will make it up.
I need to sleep. Ciao -Ian

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