Monday, March 16, 2009

Tucson and old shots

Wow, and old friend Facebooked this photo to me of a trip to Neihart, Montana in what must have been the early 1990's. We were hitting up the Showdown Ski Area, drinking a lot of Olympia, and eating burgers galore at Bob's Bar and Beds. Good memories and an incredible trip.
Well, Tucson has been o.k. Thankfully staying at T.J. Woodruffs, been getting thankfully driven around for my needs by Jesse Reints (getting married on Chequamegon weekend, come on man, come on), and have been working in the new bike. I think I started a little too low and foward on the saddle when I first got here. Made the adjustments but I am afraid the knee and achilles are paying for it now. Day off, re-adjust.
We headed down to Sierra Vista a couple days ago and rode with Casper, Sone, and the Flanders crew. Nice digs and good roads. We rode down to the border town of Naco and then back into Bisbee. A freak rainstorm cut the ride short and we had to skip riding to Tombstone (I'm your little daisy, great movie.) After being fed once again by Casper and Sone we came back to Tucson. Mt. Lemmon yesterday. It was a beautiful day up there but the ride revealed my fit issues. Depressing to say the least. Ran into Muyres on the way down.
Tucson hasn't changed much. Trashed roads, sirens all day, traffic that seems to always be at rush hour capacity, skies that sound like those above Bagdad, but the sun and warmth win out. I leave Wednesday afternoon. Due to the injury I will be on short rides from here on out. I had some big rides still in the plans but I have to be sensible. Get home, recover, re-measure, and get ready for team camp.
I have photos but have been to lazy to load them. Sorry yo. Ciao -Ian

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