Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Damn the Hotmail (new email)

Nice photo eh? Casey Gibson caught this photo just right. "Hey, check the glue on the tubulars..." I just glued two sets of wheels and now I am typing with contact cemented fingers. Tough going.
so, working until 3:20ish am last night was a bummer because I am still on the couch due to it. Plus, my Hotmail account got infected thanks to a fellow cyclist out there who will not get the hint and get a new email account. So, "fellow cycist," I can no longer be reached by you via email because I will not open anything from you. My bomber security system has caught it and killed it from through my home computer.
Seriously, who sits around and creates these spambots and spyware programs. Oh, I know, complete nerds. About as useful as the cat dropping in my cats litterbox. Anyway, my new email address is:
Nothing changed in the front of my email, just that hotmail B.S. Send me an email so that I can get you into my new contact list.
Doug is Opus Dei for the day so congrats to him. Durand is Saturday and I need to get the new Stinger 6's glued up. Thanks Pauly and Dino on coming through with those. I know supplies are limited. I seriously would have been cool with a pair of the older Stingers. I am 37 or 38 now, I can't remember, so I am not too picky. I would eat dirt if it tasted like Sambuca.
Well, I suppose I should continue my attack on the headcold, drink some coffee, and get on a ride. Ciao -Ian

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