Sunday, April 19, 2009


You couldn't have asked for a more beautiful day for a bike race. The weather for this year's edition of the Durand Road Race was incredible. Grandstay brought nearly the full squad for the 1/2/3 race. Everyone rode great and in the end it was Doug taking the win from the final climb to the line with Greg Brandt giving a go and taking second. Hard efforts by all paid the day. Casper, Danno, Lance, and I took our pulls, covered, and did tempo work. Doug put out some attacks that startled people, and Jens and Dave kept the pack staying in reserve should everything fall apart around us. Mean Dawg flatted as early in a race as you can. He will be back to fight another day.
Brone has brought his boys from the "trying" stage of a team into the "doing" realm of racing. Great job guys. Welcome to the scene.
I love the first race of the year because it is a chance to see everyone again. While I have raced in a few cycling hotbeds around the country the Midwest scene is, by far, the coolest scene of the all. The Synergy crew, GP, Revolution, Hollywood, Flanders, Dewey (I think you are your own team man) and the other various teams keep it real and are made up of good guys. Ego's are pretty low and guys just race to race.
I rode the new Hed Stinger 6's out there as well. Lets just say that they are super duper fast. Stiff as all get up. And gluing tubulars to them is as simple as it gets. The tubular literally will self-center once you snap it on. Brake caliper set up can be a bit funky. If you are looking for tips on how to set up the brakes give me a shout out and I will guide you through it. Like every Hed Stinger before these, they bring a smile to my face once I roll out on them.
Anyway, congrats to the Grandstay boys once again. Great job guys. See you all at Kenwoods. Ciao -Ian

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Jake said...

I can't agree with you more on the Minnesota race scene. I've raced in a lot of places, and lived in 3 different parts of the country for extended periods of time (over a year) since leaving MN. The road and MTB scene is great, and the promoters do an awesome job. There are a lot of complaints on the mcf message board about getting results faster, needing more races, etc but until you've lived and raced somewhere else you don't appreciate the MN race promotors.