Monday, April 06, 2009

Grandstay Team Camp

Photos by "Doc"
Well, I have no idea the order of the pictures so I will sum up the camp with words. Good time, great teammates, new talents in Dave and Jens, great sponsors, wonderful place to ride and hang out, and more laughs.
After having lived within he shadows of a fairly hard winter it is nice to get back together with the crew of Grandstay for the upcoming season. Mean Dawg and Danno had me laughing from the get-go. Matty brought food for an army, and we drank more coffee than any army ever has. The weather held out until Sunday even though I think we could have ridden anyhow. I sense that some of the guys didn't feel like riding Sunday. Understable under the circumstances.
While I am still battling some fit issues (both bike and body) I still had a great time. Everyone looks their normal "fit" for this time of year. I learned that I can still win Poker games (thanks for the gas money guys), and drink a beer or three without much guilt. Doug and Casper were our missing men. Casper is on vacation and Doug........Well, Congrats to Doug and Anne on their new baby girl, Stella Swanson. He didn't miss a thing, he had a great weekend. We'll make it up buddy. So, here we go. Ciao -Ian


Meow said... gloves ;)

pedalgrl said...

Ian-it sounds like your team camp excursion was just what you needed after this bitchen winter. I am enjoying your blog & the imagery. And the daydreams that come from them both. Peace.