Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Dougo goes record fasto

Well, any doubts that I had about trying to set the new record at Blackdog have been wiped away and put into place when teammate, Doug Swanson, laid out the 13:44 tonight. That is the new record and fairly untouchable. Doug is a speed freak at the sprint distance time trial and pretty much in a league of his own in that regards. The rest of us line up t race for second place. Great job man!
I pulled the rookie move of the year (you need one every year to keep it real) when I looked at my cassette gear and was happy with that. I failed to look at my front chainring. Imagine my surprise when I sprinted from the start and realized I was in my 44T. Imagine my curious mind as to why I couldn't get shifted up to my big ring until the bridge 200 meters later. Talk about some time loss. However, I like to think that I went harder to catch back to my pace than I would have without the rookie move. Either way, Rookie.
Anyway, this was a Nature Valley GP qualifier and the Grandstay crew took: 1st Doug Swanson, 2nd Ian Stanford, 3rd Dan Casper, and 4th Jens Brabbit. Lets just say we scored some good qualifier points. The top ten was finished out with the typically strong time trialist like Timmer, Brandt, and other speed demons.
The winds were dangerously intense. On the way up I saw two semi's on their sides. The horizons were orange with dust and dirt. My eyes sting.
Next up, Duluth Stage Race TT start on Friday afternoon. Tomorrow is the Giro TT. Stay tuned........Ciao -Ian

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