Saturday, May 23, 2009

How not to ride a time trial

well, we are up in Duluth for the Duluth Classic Stage Race. Last night was the 16.7 mile individual time trial.
The weather was pretty nice when we were hanging out in the parking lot but then some clouds moved in and it cooled off. Before the start I was pretty tired, tired to the point that I biked down some little cafe to grab some 10 hour old coffee. Didn't do the trick. I biked over to the start and was absolutely freezing. Got started (right chainring this time) and found my legs to be completely frozen up. That is when the riding got stupid. I wasn't cutting the turns and bends for the first 7 miles. Basically, "taking the long way around." The shortest distance between point A and point B is a straight line, not on the outside of the curves. So, my second "rookie" move in a time trial of the week.
In a time trial, it is not always essential that your legs be 100%. When they are not, you look for the other little things you can do to make up time. More aero, smarter course tracking, better gears, etc. Well, I didn't have the 100% legs and I did not follow through with "the other little things." I found myself with my head up countless times. Maybe I am just having a little TT burnout. It was the 4th TT in 6 days.
Regardless, I won. Lance Niles was a very close 2nd @ 10 seconds back, and teammate Dan Casper was a close 3rd. For me, time trials are a "personal" time for me on the bike. It is not always about winning. I am more concerned about performance and the perfection of riding a COMPLETE time trial. Sure, I won and I am happy. But my performace was a lose. Those little mistakes will not happen again. That is for sure.
Sunny day today and light wind. The field is pretty good up here this year. With Brones, Synergy, Nature Alley, and some smaller teams and individual riders it should keep it interesting until the end.
Man, our Giro coverage stream is hit and miss. Errrr. Time to go get stuff ready for the race anyhow. Have a great weekend. Ciao -Ian

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