Friday, May 01, 2009

Leipheimer, Zirbel, Armstrong

Yep, Leipheimer, Zirbel, Armstong. That was the finishing order for the time trial at the Tour of the Gila today. I am still waiting for the podium photo on that one. It would have been nice to see Zirbel win that one against those two sandbaggers. Uh, wait, this isn't the first podium that he has stood on with "the big guys." Zirbel, you are a "sandbagger" now too! Congrats on the sweet finish with those guys. You may have not won the time trial but look at who is standing on that podium with you. Definitely not a bunch of chumps.
Heading to St. Cloud soon and crashing at the Grandstay for the Marty RR. This race is a qualifier for the Nature Valley Grand Prix. Hmmm, good luck to all of you who are looking to qualify for the Midwest World Championships. I am wondering if I was a Wisconsin resident if I could just register for the race like all the other out-of-state teams? Who knows? Sunday is the new LaCrosse Crit. Pretty exciting to see a new race in the area especially in the cycling-friendly town of LaCrosse. Should be a good one.
O.k, got to pack. Ciao -Ian

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