Tuesday, May 05, 2009

The weekend that was. Whoa, that's aero

Whew. Well, that was a busy weekend. Drove up to St. Cloud Friday afternoon and crashed at the Grandstay Hotel downtown. Saturday we races the NVGP qualifier Marty RR. We went into the race with a pretty good plan but had to make some adjustments due to the wind. I found myself working a lot which was fine, it felt good. In the end, Doug behaved, lets us work, and took the win. Good job by the Grandstay guys. Beer and Buffalo burgers afterwards.
Drove back to Winona, spun down, and ate good food. Sunday was the LaCrosse crit. I entered the 30+ 1/2/3 race as a warm-up. Finished 9th after deciding not to mess around with the sketchy riding going on. Some need some work on how to take a corner. It was that or the first crit jitter for some. Good course though. Got done, rested for 40 minutes, and jumped into the Pro 1/2 for another hour. This race stayed on the gas and was much smoother. Guys know how to corner besides the pedal clippers. I finally figured out corner one after getting the wrong angle on it the first two laps. I was hunting for an early move but just could not get the right mix. Koeneman went for a prime and I decided if I could go with him we could power out a gap. He cooked the next corner and we got caught. Corner one was a really odd corner. Just over 90 degrees, slight uphill, bermed inside and off camber outside, and shadowed. IS Corp kept the pressure on chasing their "danger men" and then relay countering the catch. In the end, Casper and I got up in the front but got caught behind Jordan of IS Corp's after someone dived the corner, clipped it, and body checked Jordan off his line. Lame. Went from top 10 to top 25 position on a whim. I should have went inside and was thinking that down the back stretch. Rookie error on my part. Crit racing. This was what I call a "crapshoot crit." It was nearly anyone's race.
This is an egg

Levi studies eggs

That is aero. Granted, he is on a downhill tuck but that...is....aero! Levi is a TT tech addict. He lives on this bike, sits in front of mirrors, and has a frequent flyers punch-pass at the San Diego wind tunnel. Pay-off? The "W"
He is the king of the low CdA
Ciao -Ian

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