Wednesday, May 13, 2009

What a week

Well, last weekend was a busy one at work. Two University graduations, a bowling tournament, a horse show, and Mother's Day kept us drilled at work. In the end, no riding, no time to ride, but still an incredible workout at work.
I missed the Sibley RR but the Grandstay crew still put the W on the board with Jens winning a breakaway group sprint. Congrats to Jens and the crew. I heard there was a worthy bike throw after the race. Guys, listen.....throwing your bike in anger after the race reveals a lot about you. It is lame, your sponsors would think it is lame, and it is disrepectful to all that great free stuff your sponsors give you to race on. Show some respect to those "floating your boat." Plus, as I have mentioned many times before, A bicycle has a soul. Respect that at least if you can't respect your own. Luckily, I am on a team of guys who would never do that. Maybe that is why we can win. Now comes the TT's and Crits.
Nice to see gas prices coming up just in time for the traveling period of racing. Timing? Economic conditions? or just my luck? I say the latter.
My lack of cable and surprise to see no Giro on cyclingtv was quickly recovered by Universal Sports stream of the Giro. Pretty good coverage besides the messed up streaming that always seems to take place in the final kilometer. That is like when your favorite show cuts to the next broadcast just as your most hated character is preparing to have his or her head lopped off. Well, may not exactly like that in the sense of "thrill." Perhaps "suspense" would better describe it.
Lance was not the Tour Lance today but really, what does this guy have to prove? To me? nothing. Bummer that Christian is out. You know he was fit. Horner and Levi are pounding it out. Cunego shocked a few. Basso is back or something is. DiLuca is back or something is. And of course, the Dolomite Region of Italy has me in tears with it's beauty. I really need to get back there......for good.
Boonen got popped with the "Blow" again. Think of it what you will but the guys need to seek some help. You can not deny that this guy is a great cyclist but the "star" aspect of it has contaminated him. A lot of "friends" who really are not that around him. I wish him the best of luck and hope to see him back cleaned up. Not for cycling's sake but for his own.
Synergy TT this Saturday. I feel pretty good but still am not comfortable with the tunnel fit. I will give it a try in the TT. If it doesn't work then I will re-adjust back to the old fit. I need these TT's to get things dialed for the National events. My current fit is putting pain in my lower back because I am pedalling with that part of my body with my current torso angle. It skips my hip flexors, and in time trialing, the hip flexor is where the money is at. I dropped the height a bit yesterday and that helped. Today it is raining so I am going to kit up, block the bike, and ride in front of the mirror for an hour.
The Charity TT is the next day. I was hoping to go to Madison from the Synergy TT for Wheels on Willy but I don't think it will work logistically. So, the Charity TT will be fine. I hear the course is a bummer as road conditions go. The statement made by someone of, "Be sure to ride your junk time trial wheels" caught me as a bit funny. Do any of you have "junk" time trial wheels in your arsenal? I have what I have and they are definitely not junk nor do I wish to turn into that. Something needs to happen with the Blackdog course soon and fast.
Sorry, no pictures. eh? call it laziness. Ciao -Ian

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