Monday, June 22, 2009

Blow off the cobwebs

This past week was dedicated to get healthy after getting sick though Nature Valley. Friday, at the Uptown event, I knew something was up. Bad sleep, breathing issues, drousiness, etc. Something was not right. It took until yesterday to get back to normal, and even then I am a little off.
So, I glued tubulars from those destroyed in the Cities, dusted off the mountain bike, and have been riding the TT bike non-stop in preparations for the Master's Nats. Trying a few things with saddle position to see if I can find a little more power with a smoother pedal stroke. We'll see.
Of course, no one from the Minneapolis Police Department got back to me about my car break-in. Somehow, I am not surprised. In the end it doesn't matter since nothing really can be covered through my insurance. CD's? Nope. Cash and change? Definitley nope. Camera? Yep, but doesn't meet the deductable. So, I have an open note to the bastards who broke into my van....
Dearest assholes
Imagine my surprise as I came out to MY vehicle to find the side door partially ajar. Thank-you for somewhat reclosing it so that passer-byers didn't take everything else. I hope you are enjoying my CD's. There are some classics in there. Nice camera too eh? Brand new. The color is Plum, not pink. Don't let anyone tell you otherwise. Thanks for leaving the Dura Ace groupo, the Dremel, and the big CD case that you didn't see behind the City Pages. You organized the van in such a way that it almost looked artistic.
Now, why you guys suck. First off, you missed about $1500 in bike parts, about $600 in CD's, $400 in some tools, and you dipshits dropped my $350 watch on the boulevard. If you are going to break into a car do it right. Are you such a waste to society that you can't even break into a car efficiently. Heard of karma? Better yet, have you heard of Instant Karma? I am hoping your life and the ways you live it are affected by instant Karma. If not, I hope that simple Karma catches up with your ways. Speaking of ways, be sure to be looking both ways. Karma has a funny way of sneaking up on people like you and snuffing them out. Poof!
Again, enjoy the camera. Sorry I didn't have the instruction manuals in there for you. May take some time to figure out that menu. And, as to my Minor Threat Discography CD....well, that was a societal taboo to steal. You will experience some sort of wrath for taking that. "Sometimes good guys don't wear white!"
Oh well, I actually found a camera I like even though I dont' have the $$$ for it yet. I will purchase it though by making money at a job where I work.
I have been looking over the Tour de France route. Wow, Dino at Hed had mentioned something about going to TT start but $$$$$. The guys are looking fit. I just found a picture of Lance in Aspen. Oh boy, he is back down to his typical Tour de France figure. Skinny and ripped. Not like his Giro appearance. While I still believe he will ride for Contador he will be in there.
Master's TT on July 1st is looking pretty flat and direct in lines. It is going to be short enough for a big gear on the mash. It will seriously come down to wheels. Thank god I have the connection to the greatest wheels on earth. HED. Lets get some more red, white, and blue! Ciao -Ian

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Meow said...

Good luck out there at Master's Nats!! Don't forget the sunscreen!