Wednesday, June 03, 2009

Laundy time equals blogging

whew, I got my internet back today. Again, thanks City of Winona for short circuiting our building.
Well, there has been a few races since my last update. East Union windfest was pretty straight foward. The team rode strong but perhaps played the wrong cards. Oh well, in the end we looked it over, agreed, and moved on. Some teams can do that. It is a local race and in the end we are having fun. Some take it too seriously and you would swear it was the Tour de France or something. I don't make money doing this, and it is something I do for myself and my sanity. I don't need insane people around me because I have that issue fulfilled at work everyday.
Yesterday was the last NVGP Qualifier at the Minnesota State Fair Grounds. New course and tight right chicane. I was having issues tight right and of course, clipped a pedal good once. The key with clipping pedals is to keep pedalling. You have to pedal through it. It is when you stop that you slide. Anyway, there was a solo breakaway move with one half the race to go and it was clearly not worth chasing. It didn't pertain to the points qualifier and it would have been a worthless chase anyhow. In the end, we stacked the front and that worked out.
Afterwards we hit the Old Town Hall Brewery for a post graduate Mean Dawg party. Congrats man. Some Oatmeal Stout was on hand too so that was my "recovery" drink. The Grandstay boys showed, Brandt, Timmer, Hollywood, Christy, Muyres, Cleary, Boyce, and a few others help with the Oatmeal Stout and some it's friends too! Good time. In the end, if you can't laugh after the race you are taking this stuff far too seriously for what it is all really about.
NVGP? The big question. I don't know yet. I know I could take the Amateur jersey off the time trial but with only three other riders it would be hard to defend. If I race, fine. If I don't I hope that the Grandstay, Flanders, Grand Performance riders, and Boyce coop together to show that we have strong riders in Minnesota. Each of the teams has four riders or less which set us up for a disadvantage from the gun so they need to work together because in the end, we are all in this together. So, if I do it....good luck to all. If I don't.....good luck to you all.
Tonight is our 100 mile Lansboro night road ride loop. Lights are charged, the rear blinker is blinky, and it should be a good time (cold in the end).
Next up, the St. Peter TT on Saturday. See you all there. Ciao -Ian

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