Monday, June 08, 2009

Rain + Cold + TT = Rainy cold TT

Well, after 51 hours it has stopped raining. Looking out my window it looks a little flooded

Actually, I wish I was there. In that time of the weather we had the St. Peter TT presented by the SPBRC. I dragged myself off the couch in the morning after debating whether or not to do it. I knew the guilt would weight me down for the rest of the day so I went. Jens and his dad, Kevin, drove up so I had the luxury of sitting in the U.S. Secret Service Suburban to sleep and hide from the rain.
Upon arrival I was surprise by the turnout. Right on! Minnesotans are a tough breed.

(Photo by Seth Iverson)
So, I froze on the trainer while getting rained on. No tent to be found. I loaded up the extra cold leg warmer gel on and had an o.k warm up. Kept the rain jacket on until the start, helped Jens with a front flat right before the start, started, got wet quick, got cold, went harder to warm up, realized my calves were frozen, rode the wind, took the turn, froze my fingers and quads, rode harder into the wind and incline on the way back, and took the win.
It was a tough time trial because I felt like I didn't go nearly all out. I was not at all tired at the finish. Ahh, but that is the cold weather messing with you. If you can't feel the normal pain of the ride because you have the pain of freezing your limbs.....well, lets just say it is hard to judge what in the hell is really going on in your body. In the end, I know I went hard because the slowly thawing out leg muscles were sore. Oh boy, were they sore.
Well, I am basically packed for the week up at the Nature Valley Grand Prix. Tomorrow is a lot of errands around the Twin Cities but I need to stay relaxed as possible for the 6-mile TT opener. Pre-ride the course for sure one way or another.
I hope the all the rest of you have thawed and dried out. Ciao -Ian

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