Thursday, July 30, 2009

Here in the Bend

Is it ever hot out here. I can see snow on the mountains from my windown yet the high will get to around a comfortable 98 degrees. Odd for Bend and Pacific Northwest. Odd for me.

Tomorrow is the TT and we decided to bring some wheels out here besides my own. Frank's Fascat athletes should be fairly set. Yes, you can imagine the carload.

The house is nice and we have been cooking nightly. Frank, Melissa, Austin, Greg, the ISCorp crew, and myself are fast becoming culunary gurus. Actually, I think Melissa is one. Not sure on that but may have overheard something to that effect.

The drive here allowed us to skirt the Washington/ Oregon border westbound along the Columbia River. Lots of grape vines, onions, powerplants, windmills, and more grapes.

So, my start time for the TT tomorrow is at 3:04 pm. For those of you that understand how the sun/heat hits the high of the day.......well, I am right on the mark for that one. It is suppose to be about 95 tomorrow so heat will be the deciding factor in our TT, not power, aero, and endurance. I have Colby Pearce and Mike Olheiser behind me so the press will be on. We are working on ways to beat-the-heat but in the end it will slap you in the face. It just comes down to how you take that slap. While I feel good I haven't had to race in this type of heat this year.
I am off to hit the TT course one last time to confirm gearing. It is a toss up on the big ring. 55 or 56? In the end there is a balance of pro's and con's between the two. I will have to have that decision locked down today.
The road race is today for the rest of the crew. 200K at 2:30pm. I think you understand. Watch for results and lets hope for some Red, White, and Blue. Ciao -Ian

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