Monday, July 20, 2009

It's been awhile

Well, I buy a new camera and now I don't use it.
A lot of racing again and a lot of miles being put in leading up to Nationals. Last week was the Stanley TT in the Wisport series. It rained but I still put in a 33:57 on the 16.4 course for the defending win. Lance Niles was in second and Mark Brone put in a good one as well. Conditions just felt fast so I went with it. Timmer has kept hinting to me about cadence, and I did pick up on that. So, the last three weeks have been very cadence orientated.
This past weekend was the Tour of Granite County. Good racing and I wish more people would attend. A rare event happened on the first road stage as in I won. I had been working all day with Mean Dawg doing tempo, chasing, and tempo again . I finally got into a 5-man break with about 6 miles to go. We hit the longer climb to the finish and I took the lead. I kept increasing the tempo, listened to breathing, came around the last turn, mock punched it, saw no one able to respond, so I punched it again to the line. 25 seconds on the line so it was nice to solo away right there. One-arm raised though. I don't need to crash on the crazy road surface on the climb.
Yesterday was the TT at 8 miles in length. Teammate Doug Swanson gets me in this distance all the time and yesterday was no different. However, I kept it closer this time and he beat me by.......1/10th of a second (16:12 vs. 16:12:10). Not kidding. He had his timing chip on his fork, I had mine on my leg. That is the difference. I will listen to Mean Dawg's advice for now on about timing chip location. I like to win TT's but it is pretty cool to be in a TT result that close to a respected teammate. Micah put in a good TT and had time bonuses to boot from the day before.
The final road stage was about control so that we could either grab time bonuses for the GC or swallow them up. Multiple attacks were taken back, and Doug and I were able to grab more time. Micah was able to grab more time to move up a position in the GC. Dave got into a break at the end and rode smart. He ended up taking the sprint for the win giving Grandstay 3 out of 3 stage wins. I pulled hard at the bottom to take Doug to a sprint should someone go after the break. I perhaps pulled too hard and snapped Mean Dawg off. He had been working ALL DAY hard and I simply pulled to hard. I looked back and saw it, sat up a bit, but it was too late. Doug got out of position due to this and it turned into a free-for-all. Still Schueller pulled it off. My fault of the power throwdown. In the end I took the GC, Doug a very close second and a TT trophy, Micah in fourth and Dave rounding out the top ten. Great riding by the team. A lot of power in that circle of guys.
Now it is lighter training up to the State TT and turning it off for Nats. Hed has got me set up on some "real deal" wheels for Nats. Lighter for the 7-mile climb. I don't get to keep them but I get to ride them. The disc goes to Zirbs afterwards. Big thanks to Dino at Hed on these babies. Now I need to order and glue up some more tubulars.
O.k, we are up-to-date. Ciao -Ian

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